Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Thai food, Labyrinths, and a walk

I must say, yesterday was a good day. Training was much better and it was newer information that I had not learned before so I found it interesting. We learned a lot more restraints and I am glad I will know how to safely help the kids and protect myself if it comes to that. Training was not my major highlight of the day though. It definitely was the Thai food...

You might be thinking, seriously Brooke, the highlight of your day was the Thai food??? Let me explain. After morning training my boss asking me if I wanted to go run some errands with her and she would buy me some lunch. I couldn't turn that offer down, plus I had nothing to do for 2 hours. So off we went to first pick up her son and take him to work and then go eat. I thought this would just be a normal little journey but it turned out to be quite lovely. The Chaplain's son suffers from effects of FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome), he is adopted and apparently his mother drank some during the pregnancy. He has some rather severe brain damage but from outward appearance you would never even know there was something wrong with him. Apparently he was excited to meet me, and I had heard a lot about him already and was happy to meet him too. I am excited to get to know C (I will use abbreviations for people and kids I don't feel comfortable with giving out their names yet) he seems like a great person.

After that we started talking about Labyrinth's because she asked me if I had ever done one. I told her about the one in NYC we did and how I really enjoyed that and had thought about asking to build one here at Cunningham. She then informed me that in fact they made a portable one last year! So I am excited to see it soon. Plus she told me there is one here in Urbana not too far away. It is in the picture above! I have really wanted to do another labyrinth and so this made me really excited!

Then to make the day even better, we went and had Thai food (which I love) at this Thai place in downtown Urbana. It made me think of NYC and we just had a great conversation together.

I had some good conversations with some friends last night, had a nice walk to walgreens, and just felt a lot better about the next 2 years. It might not seem like much, but it was a good day for me:)

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