Thursday, August 7, 2008


"If you are coming to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you are
coming because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work

The Lovely Alycia Capone shared this quote with us during training and it just really stuck with me..and at the end of training we realized it was something that had stuck with most of us. We actually are going to have it on the back of our US-2 T-shirts! This quote I feel is a beautiful representation of our connectedness as humans. Our liberation is bound up in each others, and we will not be liberated until we are all liberated. I think if we look at everything we do with that idea in mind we could achieve so much more. There are so many things that I have become passionate about in the last year and I feel like we must work together to make any of it change. I am at a loss of words right now...I am usually a big journal writer and I haven't touched it since I got back from NYC. I must have writers block. These are the only thoughts I have written since I got back...

Overwelmed, lonely, worn out, at a loss for words
I need to make a break from the past, but be intentional about not forgetting it
I must fully embrace my new communities
I did this 4 years ago - moved to a new place where I knew no one, and started over...I can do it again...I am stronger and more independent now. I have people holding me accountable, people fully supporting me.

BUT this is all going to be Me and God in the end...a Ragamuffin Follower and a Radical God...this should be one heck of a ride.

This is my new adventure with God. He has equipped me for this, but it won't be easy. He's already changed me a lot and I haven't even left yet.

The Wesleyan Prayer has been all I have really been praying over and over lately...this part:

Let me be full, let me be empty
Let me have all things, let me have nothing
I freely and heartily yield all things to they pleasure and disposal.

I think that is all I can pray right now. It is how I feel, I don't really know how else to describe it.

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