Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Old Turtle

I am not really sure how to express the sheer joy I am feeling right now. I almost came to tears during our first chapel tonight, tears of joy & just being overwhelmed that is. I was overwhelmed at how the kids I will be working with come from such broken homes and lives yet they still make the choice to follow God and come to Chapel to learn more about Him. I was amazed at this in Philly too, but I am becoming even more amazed at this.

When I got there tonight I got to meet the girls that are in the Girls Choir. They were singing, "The Heart of Worship", "Humble They Self", and "Amazing Grace". They just have such beautiful voices, and even though there were a few arguments you could just tell how much they wanted to praise God through singing.
Chaplain and I read the book, Old Turtle to the kids last night in a more dramatic way. This book promotes a deeper understanding of the earth and our relationship with all the beings who inhabit it. The kids really seemed to enjoy it. It fit well into our night theme of "Jazz". We had a jazz pianist come in and play for the kids. Chaplain talked about how each person playing in a jazz ensemble adds a little to the full sound of the song, so then it can sound whole and wonderful.

I met a lot of the kids and it was nice to see who I will be working with, one kid said, "So are you going to start reading to us soon??", and I said, "Yes, I am really excited too", and he said, "So am I". That just made my day:)

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