Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A coffee shop and a beautiful campus

I gave in yesterday and bought a University of Illinois t-shirt. I just could not be in such a spirited college community without jumping on the bandwagon.

To the left is a picture of the Main Quad on the campus, it is GORGEOUS! Yesterday I headed down to campus around 6 because I had a bible study at The Wesley Church at 8. I am glad I came early because I was able to sit on the Quad for a little bit and read. There was a concert going on at the Union so I
even got some free entertainment.

This is the Engineering Quad, which is also really beautiful. Engineering is a huge major here and people come from all over the world to this university for that.

I also went to a wonderful coffee shop, called Espresso Royale and got some dinner, read for a little bit, and then got some coffee to go. I will definitely be back there!

This is the Illini Union which is really awesome inside and its really cool that it is such an old building. There is also a coffee shop in there and lots of places to sit outside. This is at the South end of the Quad.

This is the Auditorium on campus and it just looks gorgeous at night with the lights. This is at the north end of the Quad.

And I just could not, not post the statue of Lincoln. I mean I am living in the Land of Lincoln!

Anyways, I had a good night because I was able to get down to the campus and it is just a really fun area with lots to do. Then I went to the "Grad meet and Greet" and it was a nice time of talking and fellowship with like-minded people. I will definitely be going back next week. Well I should get going I have to meet the Cunningham Board today!

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Bonnie said...

The campus, esp the engineering area with the creek, looks just like my school campus! Very beautiful, glad you get to find some peace while visiting there.