Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Prayers are needed

I feel that there just needs to be a lot of prayer right now. For all the kids I work with, all the staff and teachers due to school starting tomorrow. Also the teens and my friends that are missionaries in Philly really need a lot of prayer right now, so I would appreciate some prayers for them. I would also like to lift up prayers for my friends that are starting teaching for the first time this year. Also for my friends that are still in college, prayers for them to enjoy their year and also work hard. For my younger brother, Page, that he will really enjoy college and embrace it. And then prayers for me that I will be able to find some good friends here in Urbana. I am going to a young adult bible study tonight and I hope that I will really enjoy it, or be able to find another place to be involved.

Things are going really good, just still trying to get all settled into working at Cunningham. There are lots of steps we have to get through before I can work with the kids by myself. So I could use some prayers of patience.

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