Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sunsets are beautiful:)

Me and Sarah at the River

Greg looking at the Sunset
The 3 of us on our night adventure

This is down on the Hudson River at sunset. Greg, Sarah and I went down to the river tonight to just talk and relax, feel the breeze and enjoy each others company while watching a beautiful sunset. We had an intense day but a wonderful one....we made candles, heard more sharing of our lives, went to Queens and went through a labyrinth. It was extremely spiritual and challenging but so peaceful. Our subway ride was fun with jokes and songs:) Then Sarah, Fawn and I cooked dinner for everyone "Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup" it was lovely. I love serving people!!! Then I met a homeless man names Ray and I gave him some food before we ate. Last night we had a fabulous bible study about Exodus 1:8-22 I will share more later. I have just so enjoyed amazing conversations with people and just sharing life together. Life is good, challenging and beautiful...


kara said...

holy crap. i just realized i have a blog thingie so i can comment.

i miss you and it looks like you are having a wonderful time. i hope that nyc has beef on weck.

Anonymous said...

Hullo, Brooke! It is Sarah. You are upstairs, yet I am communicating with you via computer. Will wonders never cease?

Thanks for including me in your blog. I'm glad I stumbled upon it. I had done a google search of my name (to find that Oprah letter to the editor), and up popped your blog address! Now I shall stalk you.