Monday, July 7, 2008

Listen, listen, listen to my heartsong...

I thought I would give a quick update about training so far, I'm up a little earlier than everyone else and thought I should take a little time to process the last 48 hours. I got to NY and began to meet some wonderful people that are passionate about social justice and God just like was really nice. My roommate for the training is Elyse who is just amazing and we have had 2 nights of wonderful pillow talk and I definitely cherish that time with her. The first night was rather low-key we got money and the schedule and had a vespers. Today we got up and went to The Church of the Village, a wonderful church near where we are staying that was so completely welcoming and just such a great place to worship. They were so glad we were there to worship with them and they wanted to know all about our placements and were just so affirming and encouraging. We all really enjoyed the music and a few of us got to help serve communion and it was just such a blessing to serve the Lord's supper to a bunch of welcoming brothers and sisters in Christ of all ages, races, and backgrounds:)

After church we came back and discussed the process of "sharing" which we will begin today. We each get around 30 minutes to tell our story of our life...the hard times, the good times, who gives me energy, my relationship with the creator, just a celebration of each of our journey's up until now. I am excited to learn more about these wonderful people I am building a community with. Pray I am open and honest in my time of sharing.

The rest of the day we spent time creating a visual to assist our sharing...I made a children's book and a slideshow of pictures. This time of creating with just a blast sitting and listening to one another talk and just be in each other's presence. We broke for dinner at this all Vegaterian resturant that was really yummy:)

We had a "centering" activity last night where we did Lectio Divina an ancient way of reading the scriptures that is just so wonderful in my opinion. We read Philippians 2:1-8 and focused on a word or phrase the first time, then more each time. I really love how it says "christ emptied himself" or other translations say "he became nothing". Reflecting in silence upon the scripture I really just stuck with the image and idea of completely emptying myself of everything (worry, doubt, frustrating, fear....) We sang a chant that just left me with so much joy and peace and I will leave you with this....

Listen listen listen to my heart song,
listen listen listen to my heart song
I will never forget you and I will never forsake you
I will never forget you I will never forsake you (repeat over and over, while placing your hand over your heart)

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