Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My US-2 Family:) Class of 2008-2010

From Left to Right: Top- Greg Little, Meg Koach, Elyse Christensen, Bonnie Monk, Fawn White
Bottom - Krista Dover, Carolyn Marcus, Brooke Newsome, Sarah Martindell

Well look at us, aren't we cute??? But in all seriousness, we are about to venture out into various parts of the country but we leave NYC not as complete individuals, but as a beloved community of US-2's. I will always cherish each one of these fellow US-2's! More to come soon...

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Anonymous said...

I find this picture hilarious, because we are basically all rallying around you. You are the center of attention and we are all leaning in toward you. How does it feel?