Saturday, July 19, 2008

S'mores and Comedy

Subway rides

After a few tries we got a good one!

S'mores???Inside, is that legal?

Elyse and Silly Sarah
Krista, Meg and Elyse

Greg and I with our s'mores

Look at the cute roomies...

Last night we had the night off and we all went in various directions. Meg, Elyse, Krista, Sarah, Greg and I went to an organic restaurant for dinner, then s'mores at Cosi for dessert (it was a nice reminder of Philly) and then we went to the Broadway Comedy Club. It was a blast and hope you enjoyed the pictures!

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Trish Reed said...

I'm already jealous of the fun you are having, it would be 100 times worse if Jim Gaffigan had been there!! :) I hope you continue to have a great time!!!! I miss you!