Monday, February 2, 2009

Quote of the Day

Kids say the best things, this made me laugh today...and he was VERY serious about both comments

We were listening to some kids sing & I was also telling him about Praise Dancing and he said
"We have such good talent here at Cunningham we should go join American Idol or So You Think You Can Dance!" -11 year old kid at my job

Then I was talking to the same kid about reading the bible and he told me last night he was trying to find the 10 Commandments and he said,

"Man Brooke I was looking through that whole dang bible to find those 10 Law things and I kept trying to think of that dude's name that wrote them on those stones and I thought forever and finally I remembered his name was Noah and I got so excited I looked in the back of the bible and found Noah's name and turned to that page. Then I read some more and realized that it was not Noah it was Moses. I am forever getting those 2 mixed up in my mind. But I found that and then I read it in my New Living Transformation (he meant Translation) and I read it in my Old Living Transformation and then I read it in the Message thing you gave me. But you know what Brooke?...I think I need to also read it in the NIV to get the full effect you know.."

I said, "Do you really want to read it in the NIV, because I can go make a copy of the 10 commandments out of the NIV for you right now"

He said, "Ummm I really want the bible for myself so I can read it tonight..."

I said, "So are you trying to get me to give you your 6th bible?"

He said, "Well I thought I could with that whole Moses thing, but I guess you caught me"

I said, "Well you did a good job, but when you read the whole bible from Genesis to Revelation on all of your translations I will give you another bible for sure!"

He said, "Well I guess I should get on that starting tonight, I might not sleep for a year!"

Gotta love what kids will say to get things:)

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