Thursday, February 19, 2009

Leaning on God

This is going to be a typical "Babbling Brooke" devo today, so sorry if it doesn't make sense. I feel like this weekend has caused me to have a lot of questions, some doubts, frustrations, and has just caused me to just need some where to lean, to rest awhile and figure out all these thought that are racing through my mind. I think after spending about 6 hours in a car by myself, going to a retreat with a good speaker, and just spending a lot of time trying to reflect on life, it has caused me to search for answers. Some answers I will never figure out, some that I am ok with never knowing, and some I struggle with letting go of. I love this poem, I just picture myself leaning on all these different things before I finally lean on God. Joyce Rupp does an amazing job of displaying my thoughts and feelings and I am sure yours as well into this poem below. Let it be your reflection today.

Some people lean against fence posts
when their bodies ache from toil.
Some people lean on oak trees,
seeking cool shade on hot, humid days.

Some people lean on crutches
when their limbs won't work for them;
and some people lean on each other
when their hearts can't stand alone.

How long it takes to lean upon you,
God of shelter and strength;
how long it takes to recognize the truth
of where my inner power has its source.

All my independence, with its arrogance,
stands up and stretches within me,
trying to convince my trembling soul
that I can conquer troubles on my own.

But the day of truth always comes
when I finally yield to you, God,
knowing you are a steady stronghold,
a refuge when times are tough.

Thank you for offering me strength,
for being the oak tree of comfort;
thank you for being the sturdy support
when the limbs of my life are weak.

Praise to you, Eternal Lean-to,
for always being there for me.
Continue to transform me
with the power of your love.

~Joyce Rupp~

"Which of you walks in darkness and sees no light? ....lean on God." Isaiah 50:4-10

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