Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Preperation for a Lenten Journey

So the season of Lent is just around the corner. I can't believe it is already here, it seems like we just finished Advent. These feelings could be because I have just recently finished a United Methodist Women's Program for Advent for their 2010 book, so I have had lots of Advent ideas flowing through my head. I am not excited to switch gears though and move into Lent. It seems that every year I try hard to start some way of observing Lent, and I never see it through. Well this year, all my trusty Blog followers out there are going to hold me accountable and maybe I can help you out as well. Each day I will reflect upon a question, scripture, quote, song, etc...here on the blog and I urge you to comment on the reflection, reflect on the same thing as I do, or respond in whatever way you feel appropriate. This will not be like my Advent Devotional Book because we have already prepared ways for our kids here at CCH to observe Lent. But don't worry I will have an Advent Devo next year because of multiple requests. Below is an excerpt from a book by female UMC pastors (I figure I should start learning from this wise words if I am going to become one someday soon) that I am reading and this is from Margaret W. Bickford from the New England Annual Conference.

As you embark on your Lenten journey, consider the following questions:
1. Am I impatient with God? other people? myself? why?
2. Am I too quick to judge and dismiss God or other people when they don't meet my expectations?
3. Am I suspicious of GOd or other people because of my own doubt or fear?
4. Do I really want to know the truth about myself, to confess my shortcomings, and to repent (turn about and go in an entirely new and better direction), so that I may be renewed?
5. Am I really open to God's presence in my life, or do I still distrust the Divine Presence?
6. Am I really open to GOd's unconditional love, or do I still feel unworhty and unable to give as I have received?
7. Am I really ready to become Jesus' disciple, to put everything else in second place or into God's hands?

I also recommend that you keep a journal to note issues and questions you consider, challenges, who and what you have prayed fro, and how you have changed during these forty-plus days. The record may suprise you. In any cause, your journey will take on a deeper dimension as you focus on your soul's health and your relationship with the Lord. When the darkness of Maundy Thursday and Good Friday are finally dispersed by the light of Easter morning, you will feel that light deep in your soul and will truly be able to rejoice.

I am going to try to answer these questions myself before and during the Lenten Journey. I urge you to as well. Please join me in this journey of Lent.

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