Friday, February 13, 2009

New Kid on the Block

We have a new kid at CCH and he is just adorable! It's hard when you know the kids background before you meet them. For this kid I thought he would seem really "hard" or "bad" on the outside, and that it might appear that it is almost "hopeless" for this kid due to their past. But then I walked into the kids room as he was about to go to sleep and he is all cuddled up in his quilt and has his teddy bear in his arms. And I saw a whole new kid, a scared kid, a lonely kid, a kid that desperately needs to feel loved, I saw God's child, and everything I knew before I walked in that room vanishes and he is just a kid that needs love. He needs love that I can attempt to give, and love from God that I can share with him. And as I finish the book I read to him, I pull his covers up and say goodnight. He says, "Miss Brooke...can you say a prayer for me?" And a little caught off guard but so glad he asked, I say yes. I asked if there was something specific he wanted me to pray for and he said, "You will know what words to say". I almost teared up as I prayed for this kid, that I just met the day before, the kid I had pre-judged, the kid that needed to just be embraced by love, and I prayed for his new journey here at CCH. Sure enough God did give me the words.

Society has rejected him because they only new him from papers, reports and incidents.

I saw a glimpse into his heart. There is no way I can reject him now. This New Kid on the Block, makes me smile.

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