Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Windy City

I just wanted to write a quick note. I loved my trip to Chicago! It was great to see a familiar face and have some time to chat and process the last month with another US-2. I know I needed it and I think Meg did too. We walked a lot over the 2 days I was there and I am worn out! But we did get to see a lot of the city and now when others come to visit (HINT HINT) I will know where to take people!

This is one place to the left that we went that is in Millennium Park. People call it "the bean" or the "cloud gate" it is all stainless steel and if you go underneath it you get to see's pretty sweet, and there are
Meg and I waving!!! It is sadly one of
our only pictures together!

We ate lots of ethnic food...thai, mexican, and american diner. She lives in a really cool Co-op community house and I enjoyed staying there. I will post some more pictures from the trip later. But for now I am completely exhausted and need to get some sleep before another crazy week begins!

Thank you all for reading my blog!
Come visit me and we can go to Chicago!


Anonymous said...

Just remember...stick to 40 hours a week and don't overwork yourself. Young lady.

Anonymous said...

less than a month till we get to hang out in chicago together!! :)