Monday, September 8, 2008

Polar Bears, Garbage Trucks, and future Presidents

I must say that I just got back from 2 of the best hours of my life! I walked out of my apartment around 7:30 thinking I had plenty of time to get to one of the units to read at 8. But then over halfway there I realized I had forgot my keys to get into the unit. So I had to walk briskly back. Then it was 7:45 so I decided I would bike to work. So I ran and got my bike. I didn't take into account that it is REALLY windy tonight. So the not so strenuous bike ride turned into a good work out lol. I arrived at the unit at 8:01. Well then it was fine because the kids bedtimes just got moved to 8:30 or later so I had 30 minutes to chill with the staff and some of the kids which was fun. Then I read to 2 of the kids. I had gone to the library and brought them a selection of about 8 books. The first kid, Z, is just the most amazing kid and such a cutie. He told me that he wants me to get books about Caterpillars for next week. Then he asked me to pray with him before I turned the lights off. It made my heart melt.

After reading to Z I went down the hall to L's room. He picked the 2 longest books, 1 about Garbage trucks in NYC, called, I STINK, which is really cute. And then he picked a book about polar bears in the North and global warming. They both have a really good message. But the funny thing is, we were reading the Garbage truck one and L got to the part where they were dumping trash into the Hudson Bay and he said, "Brooke, that is a disgrace! That is uncalled for. When I become President I will be fixing that problem, yes I will be the first president to fix it!". I love his enthusiasm and excitement to make the world and God's creation a better place. He also asked me to pray with him and it just meant a lot to me.

Then J one of the kids I was supposed to read to fell asleep while I was reading to L, so we just decided I would read to him next week. But one of the older girls T told one of the staff she wanted to talk to me for a bit. So I ended up talking to her for like 30 minutes and it was just really good. She really poured out her heart to me and told me she wanted me to get to know her. This was really good because she is in Gospel Choir with me on Wednesday's and I need to build a good relationship with her. I just sat and listened as she told me about the hard times in her life, her struggles now, and what she wants for the future. At the end we prayed together and just thanked God for that time together. So we are going to make that a time for us to talk since she has a later bedtime. It means later nights on Monday's, but I think its all worth it.

I just had to share that with you all. Praise God, is about all I can say about it, it was just one of those wonderful nights. On my bike ride home I just let the wind blow on me a fresh sense of God's embrace and now I am going to bed very happy:)

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