Saturday, September 6, 2008

Calls, coffee, prayers and a letter

God never ceases to amaze me. He definitely has a lot of people looking over me and out for me. There is that "Great cloud of witnesses" cheering me onward each step that I take, and there are also so many people on earth hear cheering me onward as well. I had a pretty down week. I am having a rough time not having met a lot of people yet. It's been hard, and I have shed some tears over it. I feel like I am trying everything and it's just not working. Yet, somehow I have gotten through it and am standing strong. That is all because of God and every single person that has prayed for me, called me, sent me mail, e-mailed me, or just thought of me throughout the last month.

I am thankful to my friends from college that keep me updated with life back in Boone, but also listen to me and listen to my new experiences. I am so glad they call me, make me laugh from a far, and are just there for me. I cannot thank my family enough for calling me each day or letting me call them multiple times during the day. For my brother putting up with me texting him to check on him, and also tell him about my life. For all my US-2 family for listening to me vent, or share the good and bad times. For their prayers, e-mails, and support I am so grateful.

Today I got home after having a really good conversation with someone from the grad bible study I go to. We met for coffee and it was something I needed so desperately. I am so thankful to Caci for sitting there and listening to me, and also sharing her life with me as well. That was a highlight of the week. But just to make things even better, I got back to the apartment and I had a letter from Greg (one of my fellow US-2s serving in Baltimore, who is also from NC) and he informed me that he was my prayer partner (we had kept it a secret until we all got to our locations). It was a completely unexpected letter and it just gave me the encouragement I needed right now. Greg is a great friend and I am so glad to know I have him praying for me each day, that gives me so much peace and joy.

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