Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Zoo: No Koala's, touching sharks, and Brutus the Walrus

I have been saying I would post a blog entry on my trip to Indianapolis 2 weeks ago, and I am just now getting around to it! It was a really fun day trip with my friends Erin and Eric. We had fun learning about Indiana through our brochures from the Welcome Center. I was amazed, Indiana sound like a cool state. Indianapolis is a cool city, my favorite part was Mass Ave. which is a trendy area with awesome shops, cool wine stores, chocolate store, and a cool kids shop. It was a beautiful day in Indy:)

I did want to point out that the Zoo was fun, but I was saddened by 2 things...

1. They falsely advertised in their brochures that there would be a Koala Exhibit. There were NO Koala's. Instead the new exhibit that was not open yet is going to be the Komono Dragon. I would rather see a Koala. Luckily there were Koala masks in the gift shop so I got to pretend I was a Koala.

2. The dolphin show was sold out. And all I wanted to do was see the freakin dolphins because I LOVE Dolphins. I used to want to be a marine biologist. My dream is to swim with dolphins. Instead we had to watch the dolphins do their show from below while we were in the viewing area. It wasn't too bad but I was still disappointed. But I did get to pet a shark, and that was cool.

Besides those 2 things I had a lovely day hanging out with friends, eating a yummy dinner, walking around a cool city, and enjoying the warmth of a rare warm weekend!

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