Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Women Weavers

I was reading a book celebrating Women in ministry and a female pastor from the NY Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church shared this:

"Women's hands bring wholeness and richness to ministry. they hold babies, spoons and needles; stroke fevered foreheads; clean what no one else wants to touch. They are hands that pray - in solitude and with the very old, the very young, and everyone in between. These hands serve the sacraments as a relational act, attending to the ties among people as well as to what ties the people to God...Women's hands have woven new patterns intot he cloth of the pastor's vocation. In this way we are truly people "of the cloth". Without the colors and the patterns that women bring, the cloth of ministry is not whole. Women's hands weave worship, always creating new sacraments and while celebrating the traditional ones."

I just thought it was a beautiful descriptions of women in ministry. I am really praying about the posibility of ministry in my future and this book has shared some wisdom with me. Plue I have the most amazing boss here at CCH, that has been a female pastor for 25+ years, and now is a Chaplain. So keep me in your prayers during this time of discernment of my call to ministry.


Kristie said...

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Thought you might enjoy this, being a teacher-type: