Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cunningham & This historic day

This was not written by me, but instead by a co-worker of mine, and I wanted to share it with you all. I think he says it well...

As I watched the Inaugural Celebration this weekend, I was moved by the sense of Hopefulness that I and so many others have been feeling since the election in November. It also reminded me of the parallels between the Hope that our new President has given us, and the Hope that we give to our young people on a daily basis. Consequently, it inspired me to write this unsolicited e-mail.

As an African American, and resident of this neighborhood called Earth; I now know what it is like, not to just have 80 or 90% pride in my country, but to finally know what it feels like to have 100% pride in a hopefully homogeneous nation, that has proven, that it is now ready to judge people solely on the content of their character. We are finally coming to the point where we can now “… recognize ourselves in one another…” And, subsequently, recognize and empathize with (the not so different) wants and needs of our clients. [How would we act, if we had to walk a mile in their shoes].

As a teacher and member of the CCH staff, I am reminded that a big part of my job is to have Hope for the future of our clients; but more importantly, to be a distributor of that Hope to all the little people (we work with), that have none. As a staff person, it is paramount for us to have “… common hopes”, along with “… common effort”.

Dealing out Hope for a better future, is one of the most important things we can do in this job (and in our personal lives). Sometimes this means working with clients who pose “… the greatest differences and the longest odds”, for any chance of success; and when you throw Hope out there, there’s never any guarantee that it’ll stick. But the success we have as a staff is never measured when change comes easy, but more often, it is truly measured, “… by the right we do, when the moment is hard.”

And if we don't do it… then who will?

Always keep a little Hope in your pocket, to share.


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Jill said...

Thanks for sharing this...a wonderful perpective.