Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pre- Walk Through Bethlehem

Today is a big day in the life of Cunningham...we will be putting on our 2nd Annual Walk Through Bethlehem. Now some of you might have participated in this sort of thing before, but others night not have. So basically it is a time to take a look at the town of Bethlehem and see where Jesus was born. We have a "somewhat" live nativity (no real animals sadly), you eat at the "Bethlehem Inn" , everyone dresses as people from that time period, we have a camel (its a costume), there are crafts, you have shekels to use as's supposed to be really fun for kids. So anyways we are having around 30 volunteers show up at 4 to help pull this off...we have spent countless hours preparing crafts, snacks, food, getting volunteers, and setting up. Honestly since about my 3rd week here we have been preparing in some way for this. So I just pray it goes well and the kids love it:) Included are pictures of all the crafts...tonight or tomorrow I will post some pictures from the event (sadly not of the kids though).

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