Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Jumping into a pool with your clothes on!

I wanted to give a little tribute to my dad on his birthday today! I thought I would give a little highlight as to why I love my dad and am lucky to be his daughter, here goes!

1. When I was little my dad jumped into a blow up plastic swimming pool with all his clothes on because I asked him to come in swimming with me right then. (he tells this a lot in sermons)

2. My dad let me grow up in a downtown neighborhood where I learned a lot about diversity, downtown culture, and being open-minded. It has helped me throughout my life.

3. He always took us to all the cool (and sometimes hole in the wall) local places to eat.

4. He shared his love of pizza with me and I am forever grateful. Brother's pizza will always be the best!!!

5. His midlife crisis consisted of becoming more radical, he participated in Peace Rallies.

6. He cares a ton about people, especially broken people.

7. He has been doing Youth Ministry for over 25 years and he still is good at it.

8. He speaks his mind.

9. Takes me to the beach every year.

10. Is always there for me, even when I would get mad at him in High School or didn't believe that he was right.

11. He gave me the best advice on a relationship. When I broke up with Kevin he told me to go cold turkey and not talk to him for at least a month. I did and it was the best thing I ever did.

12. He encourages and supports me in my mission work and future plans for ministry, but never pushed me into it.

13. He's not afraid to take chances, and that has rubbed off on me. He even was the one that told me about the US-2 program.

14. He knows lots of musicians and I think that is super cool!

15. No matter how rough of a time I am going through, my dad always knows what to say to me. It might be in an e-mail, a card, or a short phone call. It might just be a sentence, or a hug. But sometimes I might not be better until he says something and then I can get through whatever it is. He has the magic dad touch.


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Anonymous said...

Father-daughter relationships kick ass.