Sunday, October 5, 2008

Mandala's & Advice Trees

Our kids are making Mandala's in art class and are going to make them into a quilt to hang in our chapel! They are gorgeous and I can't wait to see the final product...and the kids really enjoyed making them. It reminded me of the night during my US-2 training that we created Mandala's. Ours were all different, yet somehow they would have made a beautiful quilt as well.

My lesson today for the kids in the 2 younger units went really well. I will take a picture of what we did and put it up tomorrow. We were talking about King Solomon and how he was the wisest king. We made an "Advice" tree and the kids wrote on different leaves people that had given them good advice. Then as they came to put the leaves up they shared why that person gave them good advice and if they listened to that advice. It was actually really moving to hear the kids process through what good advice is. I think the staff were moved by it to, as many of the kids picked the staff as people who had given them good advice. Now the 2 advice tree's are hanging outside of my office on the bulletin board which desperately needed to be re-done and now we have 2 lovely fall like trees on it!

As I was figuring out my lesson for today I stopped to pause and think about people who have given me good advice throughout the years. I realized I probably never said thank you to all of them. I am so lucky that I have a family and friends that give me good advice. So here was some of the advice (paraphrased a little bit)...This would be MY ADVICE TREE:

My dad: To smile and have fun, not to take myself too seriously (as I was about to embark on training this summer, Philly, and REACH)

I wish I could remember his exact words...but when I didn't get Teach for America, he told me something and it calmed me down. Then he helped me find another option for life after college...funny thing, it was the US-2 program. Thanks dad!

After Kevin broke up with me Sophmore dad told me that I had to, "Go Cold Turkey"...don't speak to him for a month. Best advice anyone could have given me. I did and sure enough a month later I was like a whole new person, was going on a mission trip to the Gulf Coast and it was like my life started over. It's funny looking back because I sure didn't listen to his previous advice with kevin.

My mom: "What a great experience to have at your age, soak it all up" (a recent letter from my mom) (mom you always give me tons of advice and are always there to listen to me everyday and I am forever just says less so I remember them more vividly!)

Eleanor Roosevelt: "Do one thing every day that scares you" (well she didn't really give me this advice obviously but I really like the advice!)

Greg: "Rock Urbana's World! Love the children and teens/youngsters fiercely. Feel the flow" (letter to me telling me he was my US-2 prayer partner)

Other people whom always give good advice...

Sally - my dear friend since we were like 5!
Katey B - I love you and always need to hear your perspective since you know me so well
Brittany K - thank goodness you were my roommate last year I always needed you to listen.
Megan M - oh how many conversations have we had where you helped me!
Trish - you are full of wisdom and sometimes I just don't know what I would do without you!
Elyse - I am so glad we are friends because I always need to hear your p.o.v.
Nanee - Let's just say I have a wonderful grandma that always gives good advice!
Sarah S - thank you for being my accountability partner, gracious knows I need to hear your opinion especially tuesday nights hehe!
Sarah M - you tell it like it is and I am so glad you do!
Meg K - US-2 accountability partner, glad I can talk with you about stuff and ask the odd questions!
Kelly M - always giving such uplifting encouragement and also just calling me out! love it!
Jessica L - I mean seriously how can I even describe my love for you and your advice!
Kara B - always is my partner in crime in discussing all of our wonderful plans of saving the world..

And I could go on and on all night. I love you all and am forever greatful for my friends and family whom give me a wealth of wise advice! What would I do with out you all????


Anonymous said...

I am mailing you a letter tomorrow :-)

My dad gave me the exact same advice about communicating with an ex---how you have to cut yourself off, cold turkey. So wise. Why are dads always right?

Also, my dad asked who this Brooke lady was that kept leaving comments on my blog and always talks about her kids. Haha.

Kate said...

I have done mandala's in my art class before!

How fun ;-)