Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My heart just breaks

One of the teenage girls I work with a lot had a rough day today.  I have become very fond of this girl, she is extremely likable and just a sweetheart.  I hate to see her upset.  Tonight we were supposed to go out to dinner to celebrate some triumphs she has had in working on her therapeutic goals, and we still went to dinner but the tone was very different.  I cannot go into much detail of course, but she found out some news that just was like someone smacking her in the face with a frying pan.  It was horrible for her to hear, horrible timing by the person telling her, and just a bad situation all around.  I just hate when the kids I work with are treated poorly, they have had such a hard life already, they do not need any more crap in their lives.  Tonight as I rubbed her back as she cried I almost started crying with her because my heart truly does break every day for each of these kids.   Please keep this young girl in your prayers.

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